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Based in Houston, Texas, The Tailored Nanny connects families and nannies together by using a custom, tailored approach. At The Tailored Nanny, our goal is to build real relationships with our families and nannies. This will ensure a perfect, tailored match for your unique family.  We all know how busy life can be at times, and we strive to provide your family with the right person to help with all the hustle and bustle of life, after all-us moms and dads need all the help we can get!


We specialize in finding long-term nannies and home-managers who can tackle almost anything in the typical household; childcare, light house cleaning, laundry, organizing, errands, cooking, driving, school work and online study help, along with other household duties. 


Have you ever had a nanny placed with you that wasn't quite right? Our service is different. We match you with the perfect nanny based on who you are and your family needs. Each nanny placement is unique and custom to fit your family needs through a trusted and personal process. We help families and nannies throughout Texas and Oklahoma. 




Think one word, SIMPLE! At The Tailored Nanny we make the process of finding a nanny or home manager so easy. We do all the pre-screening, background checks and interviews for you. We visit with you to get to know your family personally and better understand the culture and dynamic of your home. This allows us to choose a nanny that will thrive with your children and the entire family. We will handpick candidates that we feel meet your needs. Each nanny will have a trial day to work in your home. This will allow both the family and the nanny to connect and get a feel of the environment to ensure the best match. Once the match is made, your custom, tailored nanny is on the way and you've got the help you need!

For more information about the process, fees and questions please submit a request for info and we will contact you as soon as possible​.


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Our goal at The Tailored Nanny is simple, we want to make the process of finding a nanny easy and rewarding.  Each placement is customized and tailored to fit your special family. This process takes many hours of interviewing and screening candidates to find your perfect match. 

The total fee for custom nanny placement is $4,300. Families pay a registration fee to get started. This includes unlimited phone consultations and direct texts with Laramie (the owner and only employee) along with interviews and background checks. 

TTN will bring you three to five nanny candidates to interview and have on a trial basis. If you are not satisfied with these candidates, for whatever reason, we will interview and locate one more candidate for you at no additional charge. If the last candidate does not work out, we will be happy to interview and search for you again, for an additional fee. We will give you a 4 month "grace period" with your nanny. If it does not work out after the 4 months we would charge you an additional placement fee to find another nanny through our services. For more information please submit a request below.






Meet the owner: Laramie George

My name is Laramie George, and I am the proud owner of The Tailored Nanny.

Being a mother and career nanny myself for over a decade, I can relate to both nannies and families. Through years of experience, I have come to understand just what it takes to be a nanny- love, compassion, patience and so much more. Also, being a mother, I know just what families need.

I know how important it is when connecting a family with a nanny, a perfect fit is everything. My mission is to create a customized experience that will provide you with a nanny that is tailored to fit your unique family. Personally, I can think of nothing more rewarding than finding the perfect fit between nannies and families.'ve got this and I've got your back! Together we will create a custom childcare experience for your children and whole family.

Nannies....A good nanny is worth her weight in gold. Together we will find you a family to grow with and become apart of.

Sincerely, Laramie George

Owner & Founder

The Tailored Nanny

George, Laramie


Here at The Tailored Nanny, we are always looking for new and loving nannies or home managers. We know your worth, and we are dedicated to finding you the right family that feels the same way. Our nannies work directly for the family and are never forced to sign contracts-you deserve all your hard-earned money! Our whole business was built with the nanny in mind and to stop forcing nannies and families into dreaded contracts. 

We invest in our nannies by offering commission for referrals. For more information, please submit your info below.

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